Remembering Bob Conley

October 27, 1947 – September 6, 2019

Robert Leo Conley Jr. (Bob), 71, passed away while staying at his dear friend Susan’s house in Sunrise Beach, TX on Friday, September 6, 2019. 

Bob was preceded in death by his father, Robert L Conley Sr.; mother, Mary Estelle (Selover) Conley; sister, Patricia Schleuter; and brother-in-law Denny Gawronski.

He is remembered with love by daughters Regina Erwin of Round Rock, Emily Barry-Conley and Gabby Barry-Conley of Austin; grandchildren Christopher and Alexandria Erwin, and Clayton and Bradley Litteral; brother Matt Conley; sisters Kathy Gawronski and Peggie Conley and her husband Tom Shriewer; Brother-in-Law Fred Schleuter; nephews Eric Schleuter, his wife Jill, and their children Nevan, Mary Grace, and Kiren, Joe Brockman and his wife Kim, Patrick and Bob Barry; and niece Ashley Conley. He leaves behind countless friends and extended family members. 

Bob was born on October 27, 1947 in St Louis, Missouri, the eldest of five children. He grew up rooting for the Cardinals and remained a lifelong fan.  After serving in the US Air Force, Bob attended the University of Missouri where he studied philosophy. He moved to Austin before the girls were born, loved being “Coach Bob” as they were growing up, and made it a priority to show support for his family at every game/event/competition/show possible.  Bob worked as Supervisor of Maintenance Operations at the Post Office until he retired in 2015 and was serving as the local chapter president for the National Association of Postal Supervisors at the time of his death. Bob also volunteered at The Settlement Home in Austin. 

Lover of all things baseball, Bob was a sports enthusiast who was not shy about rooting on his favorite teams. He was also an avid reader and appreciated traveling with the Austin Skiers when he had the opportunity. He enjoyed the splendor of Florence and Rome in Italy; riding a horse-drawn sleigh over the snows of Austria; and gazing at the majestic fjords of Norway. He valued his daily morning walks and was always up for good conversations with friends. Bob was intelligent and well versed, generous and compassionate – the type of guy who would do anything for anyone – so kind, patient, and always willing to help out. Above all was his deep love for his daughters.

Funeral Mass will be held on Friday, September 27, 2019 at 10am at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church 4311 Small Dr, Austin, TX 78731. Reception to follow.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The Settlement Home or a little league organization of the donor’s choice.

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From Regina…

My dad was kind, generous, intelligent, insightful, and supportive. From him I learned patience and perseverance, which are evident to this day in my personality, relationships, and work ethic. Above all, my dad showed me what it means to be loved unconditionally… not just that he loves me no matter what (which I truly felt & never questioned) but that my unique qualities are precious and valuable. That I am important to him, our family, and this world. 

My sisters and I are three vastly different people – something our dad knew and appreciated. It was through those unique qualities and his insight into who we are, that he showed us how much we meant to him. He walked beside us – was there to celebrate victories and gave us a shoulder to cry on when times were hard. He was proud when we accomplished the goals we set for ourselves. He lent a helping hand when we made less-than-lovely decisions. He walked on the sidelines when we needed to do things on our own, and jumped into action whenever we asked. He loved us for who we are, not what we did. He never gave up on us, and although he had to let us grow, he never for a single moment ever let us go. 

I think the ability to love unconditionally is what fueled so many of my dad’s traits. He gave of himself – his expertise, his skills, his time – and never expected anything in return. His compassion, selflessness, and generosity, in my opinion, are all shades of that unconditional love. He believed that life is not just about what you do, it’s more about how you do it. And those who knew him appreciated the light he shined in this world.

I would not be the person I am today without my daddy. He was the one who showed up. He had my back no matter what… So much of who I am came from his presence in my life. And my world will not be the same without him. Losing him is heartbreaking, but his legacy remains.

I am my father’s daughter. There’s no one else I’d rather be.